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CBD Dosage: A Guide to HealthworxCBD Dosage

CBD industry is evolving every day, and we are working hard to give the best CBD products to our customers. Probably you would have learned everything about cannabidiol and its effects. But knowing the optimal CBD dosage is critical to obtain the best results.

For the benefit of all users, we will throw some light on the right CBD dosage. Also, we will explore the dosage guidelines for all products. Let’s dive into the topic directly.


Significance of CBD products dosage

Do you know why CBD product dosage remains very important? Because, it can affect the actual results, even a slight variation in the dosage can boost or suppress the impact of CBD. Each CBD product might come with varied CBD levels. Users must determine the optimal dosage to avoid side effects. Also, it helps them to achieve the desired results while conserving money in the long term. Having a CBD dosage chart in place can be very helpful in enhancing the overall experience.


Determine the best CBD products dosage

People may vary in terms of height, weight, and body mass. That means different people require different dosages as per their needs. There is no standard dosage, and standard doses can’t be useful for everyone. However, there are CBD dosage chart guidelines that we suggest to our users.

We make sure that all our product descriptions educate the users with enough information regarding the dosage and CBD levels. Some people might find it hard to cope up with the CBD products dosage at first. Eventually, every user will learn to determine the best CBD dosage chart that suits their preferences.

Below are the product-wise dosage guidelines.


CBD oil

It is tough to quantify the dosage when you consume CBD oils when compared with other CBD product types. However, CBD oil tincture is the best candidate for efficacy and quick impact. Our experts suggest starting with the 200mg CBD oil bottle. 200mg variant will have the lowest potency, and it will help you with more time to determine the ideal dosage.

Don’t directly pour it to your mouth from the bottle. Instead, use a filler to quantify the CBD intake. 30 milliliter CBD bottle with 200mg CBD means every single milliliter contains 6.66mg of CBD. Per milliliter has two or more drops in it. You can swallow the CBD oil, or you can take it via the sublingual method.

Ideal dose: 2ml or 3ml per day. Each time take at least one ml. (Increase as and when required)


CBD gummies

Our CBD gummies taste excellent, and you will find it hard to resist one more gummy. Nevertheless, you are supposed to take only what your body requires. Anything beyond the requirement can be wrong for you. Our CBD gummy bottles come with accurate dosage information. Each unit contains a fixed amount of CBD, and that makes it easier for you to quantify your CBD intake.

CBD per gummy: 30mg

Ideal dosage: 1 gummy per day. People who need more can take two.


CBD topical applications

Healthworx CBD utilizes the best ingredients that are safe for use on your skin surface. So, you can use our CBD topical applications without any worries. We ensure zero detectable levels of THC, and that adds to your skin safety. Unlike CBD oils and gummies, it is not possible to quantify the CBD usage when it comes to topical applications. So, it is the user’s responsibility to determine the CBD dosage chart depending on the symptoms.

Patch test

  • Apply a little amount of CBD topical gently on the skin.
  • Leave it untouched for at least an hour.
  • See if you get any irritation or pain in the applied area.
  • If you feel it okay, then start using the topical application regularly.

A patch test helps you to avoid allergic creams. Only a few out of thousand people are naturally allergic to some common ingredients in the skincare and CBD topical products. Also, it allows the user to determine the dosage correctly.


CBD capsules

CBD pills are the best option when it comes to dosage calculation. CBD capsules are not as tempting as the CBD gummies. So, you are less likely to consume more than you need. Besides, every single capsule contains the same quantity of cannabidiol extract. So, you will know exactly how many pills you need per day. Start with your ideal dosage and increase or decrease as per your comfort.

CBD per capsule: 25mg.

Ideal dosage: One to two per day.


Vaping CBD vape oil

Vaping enthusiasts can enjoy the full range of vape oils from Healthworx CBD. Every single strain in our list possess distinct properties and can make a difference for the desired effects.

Each milliliter of our CBD vape oil contains 66.7mg of CBD. Also, these vape oils are thick enough to provide you with a few moderate sessions per two milliliters.

CBD per milliliter: 66.7mg

Ideal dosage: One to two milliliters per day.


CBD products dosage for pets

Your pets deserve some CBD to enjoy their lives as well. Pets are also sensitive to overdosage! Inappropriate CBD dosage might create side effects in pets as well. Pets can’t express their inconvenience if they receive the wrong dosage. So, it is your responsibility to give them only the appropriate quantity.

Healthworx CBD for pets is highly concentrated. Even a massive dog can do well with just a few drops of CBD oil from Healthworx. Put the CBD oil under your pet’s tongue, and he will enjoy the taste. Our pet CBD oil comes with coconut MCT oil as a base ingredient. Coconut oils are rich in nutrients, and it is an excellent addition to your pet’s diet.

CBD per milliliter: 40mg

Ideal dosage: 1ml to 2ml per day. (Consult your vet if your pet develops any unusual symptoms.



As per experts, lower CBD doses work better than high doses. Chat with us or call us when you are not sure about the CBD products dosage information. Our team is always ready to help you with the answers.

Moreover, all our products contain a detailed description on the back of the container. The information includes CBD dosage chart, levels, and recommended use. Check our product page for more information regarding the dosage and usage.

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