For instance, you’ll earn 40% (as of 7/25/20) on every product you sell on

That is, only if it comes through the website using your affiliate link.

We cannot go back and readjust commissions, so please make sure your referrals are using your link when they order.

All in all, payment for every sold CBD product will be processed 90 days after the sale was generated. So, you will not get paid for referrals that result in chargebacks or fraudulent purchases. You will be paid in FULL.

Particularly, we can pay you via check, PayPal, or wire transfer. In particular, it must be 10K, or over for a wire transfer.

Equally important, our affiliate program sets a minimum threshold of $100 in commissions for our payout.

Please note: If you post any of our special deals and coupon codes on your site, or if the purchaser you referred to us uses any coupons or codes, your referral will be disqualified. 

In a word, you just have to use your special affiliate link we give you. You can place it in your emails, website, blogs, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, or any other social media source. Generally, for every person who clicks on your link and makes a CBD product purchase, you get a commission on that sale.

No! Not with our affiliate program. In either case you do not have to purchase and resell anything! Indeed, we do all order fulfillment for you. You get paid commission from referrals through your affiliate link in any case.

No. In any case, you can use your social media and post your affiliate link. That is, just post about your experience with our products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn…etc. Specifically, it means earning money every time they buy our CBD products via your affiliate link. As an illustration, you can text it, email it, share your link with your friends and family. Similarly, you can text the link to your friends that you think could use our CBD oils.

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