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Concerned About Vaping? (Vitamin E Acetate)

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Here at Healthworx CBD, we take great pride and the utmost care in the formulation of our CBD products. Our primary focus is to provide you, our customer, a safe and effective hemp oil product. Therefore, our vape products do not contain nor have they ever contained Vitamin E Acetate, PG (propylene glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin). Healthworx CBD offers the most carefully formulated vape cartridges and pens. They contain the finest Colorado sourced CBD isolate natural botanical terpenes and Abstrax Labs Tec Temper carrier. We have always believed that the best CBD products are always tested by independent labs. These results are always available and public for our customers.

It is well known that vaping is all about bioavailability. This is the most efficient way to uptake (Vitamin E Acetate free) CBD. If there are any concerns about vaping we recommend that you not vape and opt for regular CBD oil or capsules which are administered sublingually or swallowed.

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