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How to Spot Fake CBD Oil?

According to the latest trend, CBD oil has replaced and minimized the demand for all other cannabis products. CBD oil is everywhere! However, as the love and demand of the product are increasing, there are risks of purchasing or getting fake CBD oil or fake CBD products. CBD oil is considered as one of the most concentrated, purest, and convenient form of cannabinoids.

CBD oil is one of the most popular products when compared to all others. Yes, that’s true! It serves various health benefits due to which people are getting fonder of it day by day.

It is also a fact that CBD has been used in several medicines for long. However, these days it has been reported and seen that there are many synthetic cannabinoids or fake CBD oil products are available in the market. Natural CBD is safe and beneficial in many aspects, but synthetically produced CBD or its products are harmful. And, the consequences of using them could be dangerous as well.

Effects of Fake CBD Oil

Fake CBD oil is produced synthetically in the labs & contains several heavy metals and harmful substances, which can make you feel sick. We need not go much far to know what fake CBD oil can do or what its damaging effects could be? If we all can recall, then between October 2017 and January 2018, several people become sick in Utah because of CBD oil consumption.

The number of patients who were affected was so high that the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) invested the complete case from starting. And it was revealed in the news and by the investigation that the CBD oil which they were consuming was fake CBD oil product. After this incident, the fact came into the attention that certain people are offering alluring prices and deals to sell their low-quality CBD oil through online websites.

Although the effects of side effects were different as the effects and side effects both occur according to the individual’s body response. However, specific common concerns were raised by every patient who consumed low-quality CBD oil. Utah Poison Control Centre reported that the adverse effects were quite severe, but the typical listing which came out includes:

  1. Hallucinations,
  2. Confusion,
  3. Paranoia,
  4. Psychosis,
  5. High blood pressure,
  6. Seizures,
  7. Agitation,
  8. Anxiety,
  9. Shortness of Breath,
  10. Racing Heart,
  11. Chest pain,
  12. Nausea and Vomiting


What Does Fake CBD Oil Contain

Fake CBD oil contains several harmful and dangerous chemicals that can cause severe illness or even death. So, it is vital to learn thoroughly about the product scientifically and also explore well about the retailer or seller.

There are almost 850+ companies that are selling CBD oil, including retailers and online businesses. It usually contains:

  1. Heavy Metals,
  2. Environmental Toxins like Xenoestrogens,
  3. Synthetic Cannabinoids like Spice, which is also known by names like K2, Mr. Happy, Scooby Snax, or Kronic.
  4. There are many more elements amalgamated with the above mentioned constitutional elements. Together they all make it more harmful and dangerous for consumption.


How to Spot Fake CBD Oil?

Fake CBD Oil is quite extensive and has adverse effects. In fake CBD oil, it is quite common to have synthetic & harmful ingredients and fillers as their constituent agents that cost less in production. According to the Centre for Disease Control, there is a severe threat to the health of the people who consume fake CBD oil. So it is vital to purchase and consume real CBD oil.

Here are a few steps which can prevent you from purchasing fake CBD oil, which ultimately will safeguard you from several harmful outcomes.

These steps are:

  1. Check the label thoroughly. The label is something that we all encounter while purchasing any product. If we encounter something fishy on the label, then we do not buy any such product. Some key phrases are always mentioned in real CBD oil. The phrases are; Full spectrum, Hemp-derived, Certified CBD, and Pure cannabidiol. Along with these checkpoints, make sure the concentration of the constituent is also mentioned on the label.
  2. Know your Farmer. After the label passes through the checkpoints, there is more to confirm. If the label of the CBD oil states that it is TSA approved, then it means that the CBD oil which you are checking is real and derived naturally. To decide if it’s fake or real CBD oil, you need to know that from where the hemp was collected or isolated.
  3. Third-Party Verification. Explore more and check whether the product has undergone third-party verification or not. If not, then the possibility is that the product which you are checking-out is poor quality CBD oil.
  4. Check the Extraction method. An important point that clears all the confusion between real and poor quality CBD oil products is the extraction method that has been followed by the manufacturer or the company. If no extraction method is mentioned, then it is a potential con CBD oil product. However, the correct and safest way is Alcohol extraction and CO2 extraction.These two are the safest methods that make sure there are no harmful chemicals, toxins, or solvents that are used while extracting and preserving the qualities of the CBD.
  5. Call the company. If the company is producing genuine CBD Oil products, then you can reach them up instantly to know more about the product and will prevent you from buying fake CBD oil.

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