Senna Leith

Q&A With Senna Leith – a Professional’s Wellness Perspective

Senna Leith, a professional snowboarder on the US Snowboard team and an athlete with HealthworxCBD, has a few fitness tips and tricks to share with you. In his new Q&A video, he is giving out valuable insights about keeping his body fitness. Together with hard training in different outdoor conditions, he also praises the importance of sticking to a healthy diet.

But, is that always easy to maintain? And how can a regular person relate to a top athlete’s daily routine?

Maybe we should be aware that even the sports superstars have to continually work on themselves. For example, before every upcoming season, they have to prepare and climb up to their top form. We can relate to this, especially if we want and know we could do more!

He is also sharing some insights on what steps he is taking to work up to the competition. Or what sports is he engaging in preparing for the season – running, mountain biking, climbing, swimming? The outdoor sports fans will love this!


What is His Fuel of Choice? Carbs vs. Proteins

And you might get surprised! Being a top athlete is not all about counting calories and avoiding both carbs and proteins. Senna is even talking about eating a lot – but the message is, “the better you eat, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the better you can perform”!

When you are on the move, have to travel a lot, it is hard to keep up with taking enough vegetables, though. Senna is pointing out the importance of eating more veggies and keeping a balanced diet. Well, that sure includes limiting your sweets, in case you also have a sweet-tooth.


How to Motivate Yourself?

It’s never easy to keep mind over matter. Also, on the days you “don’t feel like it,” it is even harder to self-motivate. To get back on track, you can try to remind yourself about what do you want to do, what is your vision and purpose? It may sound heavy, but the answer is always within you. Write it down somewhere; you wouldn’t be the only one.


And What About Staying in Peak Health?

Good health is directly connected to better performance. It is directly related to eating well and staying mentally sharp. Senna decided to include CBD into his daily routine, along with other vitamins. Like many other top athletes, he was facing regular stresses while traveling and facing competitions and training. Using CBD oil to take the edge off was always the right choice, as well as taking CBD topicals. And we’ve found out what is Senna’s favorite HealthworxCBD topical product. Check out his video!


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